Store Dumper

Shopify app for downloads, backups and data copy

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Created due to a lack of native and cheap solutions

As a developer I often had to copy data between Shopify stores or download content.

Shopify doesn't offer a native solution to download your store content, but in over a decade of working with Shopify, I came across various situations where I wanted to backup content. For example:

  • For the comfort of having a backup of your products, images and blog articles
  • Safeguard data for a client that temporarily had to close their store
  • Download non-product images to upload them to a development or staging store

There are solutions out there. Good solutions. But most of them are hard to use or expensive. With dozens of active stores in my portfolio, often with a development version or staging site, I needed better solution. That's when I created Store Dumper.

The download option will remain free for as long as I can offer it or until Shopify creates native functionality for downloading your content.


Backup data from Shopify

Create a ZIP file of your content in a few easy steps. You select which content you want to download and click 'Start', that's all.

Copy data between two Shopify stores

Just as backing up data from Shopify, you choose which content to copy to another Shopify store and click 'Start'. Easy as that!

Content available for download or copy:
  • Products
  • Collections
  • Product Files/Content
  • Other Files/Content
  • Collections
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Pages